Saturday, 15 September 2001

Al Qaeda's UK Pakistani Moslem War front - Luton & Dunstable

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Post:- God speaks and confirms my words – Civil War
Post:- Luton & Dunstable Pakistani Moslem threat
Post:- Dunstable – Death threat & The Al Qaeda connection
Post:- A Warning to the Dunstable community
Post:- A Warning to the Dunstable community – THE PROOF
Post:- Al Qaeda’s Luton ‘Emir’ – A.K.A The Boss
Post:- Allah’s Luton militia – Civil War
Post:- Al Qaeda’s silent mobile army – The Luton Taxi cartel
Post:- The Khan mafia up to their old tricks
Post:- Dunstable takeover – Islamic Kingdom building
Post:- Luton & Dunstable Reality ‘Check’
Post:- Ivinghoe Beacon
Post:- What are You?
Post:- Extremist, Islamaphobic, Racist or Realist?
Post:- You’re an Extremist!
Post:- The Epitome of a Moslem where I live
Post:- Prophetic picture of Truth – British Lions and Moslem Traitors
Post:- Pakistani Moslem’s in Dunstable
Post:- Islamic Extremism free to reign in Luton

Post:- Broken Arrow
Post:- The source of Islam’s ‘Elixir’ of Jihad
Post:- Moslem masters use schoolboy mule
Post:- In their own words - Heroin
Post:- Luton – Hub for International Islamic Terrorists
Post:- Luton – UK Afghan Heroin base camp
Post:- My local Conservative MP & Heroin
Post:- Islamic Terrorism – All roads lead to Luton
Post:- More proof – Moslem Law student’s Heroin Jihad
Post:- Terrorism’s DRUG money
Post:- Luton Drug’s bust – Operation irradiate
Post:- Drugs: Triple murder near to Luton & Dunstable
Post:- The Heroin trail & The koran
Post:- What more can I say or do?
Post:- Julie Cox – Bedfordshire Police - Lewsey Farm
Post:- My Political stance


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