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Al Qaeda's silent mobile army - The Luton Moslem Taxi cartel

First posted: 17/05/07

Please take a read of my article: A Warning to the Luton & Dunstable community

The Luton & Dunstable Al Qaeda Taxi cartel

More proof in Black & White of what I have been saying about the threat that the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable face from the Moslem kingdom of Bury Park Luton, and Allah’s militia of Moslem Jihadi gangsters and their Taxi cartel who go out from their Islamic community on a daily basis conducting Jihad for Islam against innocent people and British society.

If you ever drive around Luton & Dunstable you will see that everywhere you go there are Moslem taxis. When I say ‘everywhere’ believe me that is not an understatement, there are hundreds (300 – 400 +) of Moslem taxis driving around the streets of Luton & Dunstable every day, you cannot go anywhere without there being Moslem taxis wherever you go. Many of these taxi drivers are involved in the highly lucrative drugs trade and either work as delivery drivers supplying Heroin & Crack cocaine to drug addicted Moslem slaves or they act as highly organised surveillance units watching our community and keeping watch protecting other Pakistani Moslem drug and gun runners. This is a direct threat and act of war against my community which must make it a threat to the National Security of the whole country because this scenario is happening up and down the Nation with innocent British Christian communities and vulnerable non-Moslem people being on the receiving end of this Al Qaeda inspired Moslem aggression, dominance and Jihad (Holy war).

I predicate that every Pakistani Moslem taxi company in and around Luton & Dunstable is ultimately owned and controlled by Al Qaeda’s Luton Khan mafia because the taxi business is a cash business so one of the best ways to wash their illegal Heroin & Crack cocaine money through which is their ultimate weapon – Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad. They cannot lose owning and controlling these businesses and there is ‘no one’ in their Moslem community who could stop them ultimately owning all companies throughout the area because this Moslem mafia driven by Al Qaeda runs things on the ground and is in control of a large paramilitary army of Pakistani Moslem street foot-soldiers who are ready and willing to carry out their Luton Al Qaeda leaders commands.

They cannot lose controlling the taxi business on the streets because they can wash their illegal money through it, drive their Al Qaeda drugs around unhindered in their taxi cars, watch the community without being noticed and have a large paramilitary army mobile and on the streets every day that are all in communication ready for any trouble that may come their way. The community is completely oblivious and ignorant to this daily threat they face, “it is just a peaceful Moslem taxi driver is peoples attitude and view”.

One word of warning: if you have a problem with anyone of these taxi drivers then rest assured you will see the truth to my words.

The situation my community faces just does not get any worse!!!

So, driving our women and children around on a daily basis we have convicted Pakistani Moslem Heroin dealers, convicted Pakistani Moslem violent offenders, convicted Pakistani Moslem sex offenders and Pakistani Moslem Al Qaeda trained terrorists.

You tell me if the situation can get any worse???

The biggest bombing campaign ever in British history that was a continuation of Al Qaeda’s war against the non-Moslem world which was thankfully prevented by the security services was organised and arranged by Pakistani Al Qaeda terrorists living and working in Luton & Dunstable.

Have a guess what they worked as? Yes you guessed it - Taxi drivers

Please take a read of these two articles from my local paper as proof:

Al Qaeda’s Luton Emir a.k.a The Boss

A Warning to the Dunstable community – The proof

more proof to confirm my words were this week on the front page of my local Herald & Post and can be read by clicking the image below.

Al Qaeda’s Moslem taxi cartel of Luton think that they are above the British justice system, which they normally are but thankfully in this instance a judge with some backbone, Judge Michael Kaye QC has imprisoned several of these Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers for thinking and acting above British justice. One of the Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers convicted and sent to prison has previous convictions for robbery and supplying Al Qaeda’s Heroin in which he received a 6 year prison sentence.

In the article it states that there are over 100 taxis who have committed criminal offences and shows by the numbers that they think they are above the law.

I claim that there are hundreds of Moslem taxis driving around our communities, if there are over 100 as the paper states who have committed offences then there are several hundred more that have not. This is an overwhelming Moslem force with known factual links to Al Qaeda, a Moslem force that even the police cannot truly deal with, a Moslem force that controls Al Qaeda’s trade in Heroin & Crack cocaine and a Moslem force which intimidates the whole community because that is how Islam teaches its followers to act towards the Kuffarr (non-Moslem).

You have trouble with one of these Al Qaeda inspired Moslems, then you potentially have trouble with all of them and are the exact reasons why practically my WHOLE community bar one or two is petrified of them and living under Dhimmitude as Dhimmi’s, just not paying the jiza tax yet.

Al Qaeda’s British born Pakistani Moslem army of Luton and around the Nation are openly at war with my country, the British people are forced to just accept this open warfare against them, their friends, their families and their children. We the people, the common man and woman are on the frontlines in this civil war aimed at the destruction of our way of life and it seems that those who are in the top echelons of power of my country are choosing to ignore the destruction and degradation being caused, selling us people who are at the bottom, out, as cannon fodder to keep things quiet on the Western front and keep them in power. Things are not quiet though and even the police and security agencies that enforce those at the tops ‘will’ must see the truth to what is happening to their country on the ground, the country where their children are living and growing. We are all in this together and there can only be one winner in war and it is them or us, our British way of life or their Islamic one for our children and children’s, children’s futures.

The Moslem kingdom in Britain knows exactly what it is doing because Jihad (Holy war) is obligatory to every Moslem as a divine command laid down in the koran. The non-Moslem population of Britain are completely oblivious to this fact that their Moslem neighbours live by and is the reason why they are sleep walking through ignorance their children into the abyss of Islam. These facts are inescapable!!!

Civil war 4th generation style is here in our generation, imagine what it will be like in 15 – 20 years when our children whose country this is are grown up and being overwhelmed by a Pakistani Moslem majority forcing their way upon us violently. Islam teaches that all must submit to Islam either peacefully or by the sword, Islam means submission, this is every Moslems ultimate agenda and they believe there is no other way of life other than Allah’s – Sharia law, so we all must submit to it.

Those American readers out there who read my blog and care about your country must listen to my words because the Americans seem to care about their country and the War on Terror, and like I have mentioned before, the United Kingdom is the final out-post in so-called Eurabia and is Islam’s stepping stone to the last great battlefield – America.

The United Kingdom is now one of the biggest threats to the United States because of how many Pakistani Al Qaeda inspired Moslems own British passports and can travel freely between the U.S, U.K and Pakistan/Afghanistan.

The Al Qaeda inspired Moslem’s in my community have all the resources needed to plan any attack they like which was proved recently with the fertiliser plot with Diren Barot being planned here and the 7/7 London bombings being set up here and the bombers setting off from here. There is no reason why an attack on America cannot or will not be planned from here. They are swimming in Al Qaeda’s Heroin money, they have been indoctrinated to Holy war by Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri and they are more than willing to further Islam’s aims of global conquest by killing themselves and planning and plotting mass murder on unimaginable scale against others.

I live with this Al Qaeda inspired Moslem army who are conducting civil war (jihad) against my community and I have had the Pakistani Khan mafia, Moslem taxi cartel hunting me wanting me dead for my actions. Do I accept this Moslem dominance and intimidation like everyone else, give up, give in and roll over and become a Dhimmi or do I continue standing my ground in defence of the weak, innocent and vulnerable who are on the receiving end of this Moslem civil war?

Proof -The taxi cartel in Black & White – click image

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