Saturday, 15 September 2001

God speaks and confirms my words - Civil War

I thank God for confirming my words.

Noah spent 120 years building the Ark with everyone around him laughing and mocking him. When the rains came as God said they would, he and his family along with the animals were the only survivors of the pre-flood world because he heeded God's voice.

God gave me an article to write for my blog titled:
The 21st Century English Civil War - 4th Generation Style . I have carried this article for months within myself until I finally was able to sit down and write it at the beginning of this week and posted it on Tuesday 20th March 2007.

Low and behold at the very same time my local paper the Dunstable Gazette has this heading as the title of their back page, dated 21st March 2007.

Understandably the article is not about the true Civil War being conducted against my Country, what it represents though is confirmation of my words and typifies the situation that the Anglo Saxon race whose Nation this is, faces.

( Please Click image to enlarge)
An Atheist will say coincidence.

To an Agnostic this will hopefully be further confirmation of the Truth.

To a Christian we give God the Glory and heed the words written.

To a Moslem "Jesus Loves you", Allah is an idol a creation of the devil spoken through your false prophet Mohamed.

This picture typifies what the Anglo Saxon people of this their Great Nation are faced with. In the picture we see a local Luton Town football supporter being led away by a local police officer after trouble at the local football (soccer) ground.

The Anglo Saxon and African inhabitants of the United Kingdom are easy pickings for the British police who are on a measly £20 - £30,000 per year salaries to protect us and Our Nation from the Moslem army of Jihad criminals who are conducting Jihad and Civil war against us.

The police need results and arrests and have families and children to go home to every night. If you was a local police officer who needed to make arrests the easiest and least dangerous way as possible you would not target anyone from the Moslem community because we are all more than aware of what these savages living amongst us are capable of. Police officers are only human and if I was one of them I would be cautious about arresting people from the Moslem community myself. This then gives the Moslems a free reign to do what they wish against the local non-Moslem population, which is exactly what they are doing.

It is common knowledge around here that Bury Park the Moslem quarter of Luton is awash with guns and even the police need to go into the community armed when they have to go in and make arrests. If the police are that concerned about the Luton Pakistani Moslem community, then how do you think that makes the common man feel? 'We' and the police are forced into Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation, an exact result of 'Jihad'.

I was driving through Bury Park about a year ago and I watched as 2 police officers had stopped someone and within minutes there were literally 20 - 25 young Pakistani Moslem men descending on the scene from all angles and in cars. If I was that police officer I would definitely have been intimidated by this situation. This situation exemplifies the problem and it is no wonder the police are concerned about going into the Moslem area of Luton to do their jobs. These officers have girlfriends, families and children to go home to every night and £20 - £30,000 per year is not worth being murdered for.

We salute the police for their bravery and thank them for their tireless efforts in protecting Our communities, but those of us who live around here also realise what they face on a daily basis because we face it too, except we do not wear the uniform and have the law behind us.

It is easier to target the Anglo Saxon or African community because we are civilized people and at the very worst the most that would happen in most cases is one of us retaliates with a punch or a kick. When we look at the Moslems though anything could happen including murder which has happened on several occasions now (This one by a Somalian Moslem and this one by an Algerian Moslem). If you was the police officer in this picture who would you prefer to arrest, the local non-violent Luton Anglo Saxon, or a Pakistani Moslem who has been indoctrinated by this man below?

(Abu Hamza who lived and preached Jihad in Luton for 10 years)

Here is a prime example of a local street soldier for Islam - Omar Khayam

All of this behaviour aimed at the non-Moslem population and we are all forced to accept it. Why should I accept these people killing my friends, their families and destroying my Christian community that is steeped in Royal History. I know Prince Charles would not care about us, Our community and Our history but I know for sure without doubt that God does. Dunstable was birthed through the Church and was a Sacred and Holy place and that will never change.

The Anglo Saxon race whose country this is are labelled as racists and have their lives destroyed by losing their jobs, job demotion or imprisonment if they try standing up for themselves against this onslaught against them, their families and their country.

The Future is in God's hands and I pray He will open peoples eyes to the truth and lead us all through the dark times ahead together.

We are His people and this is His land.

In His Service.


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