Saturday, 15 September 2001

Broken Arrow

First posted: 01/06/07

Those who have seen the film ‘Once we were soldiers’ will know exactly what I mean with the title ‘Broken Arrow’.

Once we were soldiers is a film depicting the opening stages of the Vietnam War led by a brave Lt Colonel Hal Moore who is played in the film by Mel Gibson. This film is a classic and one of the best war movies I have seen.

‘Broken arrow’ was the signal Mel Gibson used during the film when his platoon was being over run by his Viet Cong enemies; it was this signal to his military leaders that said he needed very serious help, reinforcements and a way out of this theatre of war before him and his whole platoon were wiped out, which was what was happening.

The military help and support was provided and he and his platoon went on to destroy the extremely large Viet Cong base camp and the rest is history.

The battle for this strategic location was one of the first in the opening stages of the Vietnam War.

For me personally I have stood my ground on my own in the face of a Moslem guerrilla army in Luton - England - who want to kill me. I have no option now but to leave for my safety. There has been absolutely no help from anywhere to push back these Moslem invaders who have invaded my country and are openly at war with my community and British society. I have stood my ground against these Moslem invaders on my own, being homeless, penniless and living under their threats of death. I have now run out of all options so the only option left for me is to leave and let things go back to normal.

Things can never go back to normal now though because those who have read my writings cannot ignore my words anymore because everything I have written is based on facts and is the true reality that everyone in my community and ultimately my country faces.

This situation in Luton is a start of things to come and is the beginning of the end for Britain unless emergency measures are taken to save this country.

British inaction is going to be the death of this Nation with our children’s futures bearing testimony to that fact.

The innocent people of Britain can do nothing about the invading Moslem army except sit back and watch as their communities and country is over run, ravaged and destroyed by Islam and its Moslem adherents. I have stood up and done absolutely everything within my power as a law abiding British citizen to counteract the Moslem threat to my once Great Nation - Britain, but how can you honestly beat a whole foreign kingdom which has a large paramilitary army, solely alone with your hands tied behind your back? You cannot, it is utter madness and is the exact position I am in, and the exact reason why I have no other option now but to leave. I have stated the facts to what is happening on the ground here where I live and everything I have stated has now been confirmed through the mainstream media so this is not the ramblings of a madman this is the warning call of a British patriot who cares about his Judeo/Christian Country and his and his fellow countryman’s children’s futures.

My only option now is exile, not through choice but through necessity, which is a disgrace to my brave forefather’s memory and should act as a wake up call to the British public. I can stay put on my own and be murdered by the large Islamic Pakistani Moslem army of Luton or I can leave and seek refuge until others realise the situation our country is in and decide to pluck up enough courage to defend it for the sake of their children’s futures.

The future of our Nation is in the British people’s hands and we are past the point of talking about this situation now because talking is walking all of us deeper and further into the abyss of Islam. Talking about the murderous Islamic problem in our midst is the old reality; there is now a new reality upon us where ‘actions speak louder than words’.

I personally have only come across weak scared British cowards bar one or two people, and the cowards know exactly who you are because you know me, and are reading this now.

This is a shocking reflection of the serious weak state my country is in especially when you have hundreds of thousands of Al Qaeda sympathisers across the U.K. who are connected and actively working towards and succeeding in, implementing Sharia Law across the country, and who are openly declaring Jihad (Holy War) and treason against the British people and our Crown.

It is utter madness and in my view is clearly Civil War aimed at the destruction of our British Judeo/Christian way of life, but because of British people’s attitudes and their weakness they are just letting Islam march across our land desecrating and destroying every piece of our country where their filthy Islamic feet tread. Ultimately in 15 – 20 years when our children are grown up and should be leading our country into the future, Islam will have achieved its aims and our once great glorious Nation which was a beacon of light to the world will be a dark baron land on the globe where murder, suppression and horror will reign on the ground, exactly like what we see across the world in Islamic Nations with our children either murdered for rejecting Islam or living as second class citizens paying the jiza tax.

Islam’s quest for global domination has begun; with the devil incarnate himself Osama Bin Laden, sitting at the helm as the ‘commander in chief’ of a global suicidal Islamic army who are spread throughout the entire globe chanting death to America, death to Israel and death to the West. For me personally and everyone who lives where I live we have these suicidal Moslem maniacs who are inspired and led by Al Qaeda, living in the community right next door to us, as our neighbours – 4th Generation Warfare is here, now, in this generation, and in our lifetime.

There can only be one winner in war, so it is either going to be them, or it is going to be us, no middle ground. This is a war to the end now exactly like the two previous World Wars our most recent forefathers had to endure.

It is a disgusting despicable disgrace that I have to leave my community because of a foreign Moslem army who are conducting a Civil War against my peaceful Christian community and country. My Granddad passed down to me his war medals earned by fighting and surviving the Second World War for this, his country. Now in this, my generation, me his descendent, which was the reason why he and everyone else in his generation went to War, has to leave the peace and security of his community and country (not that it is peaceful anymore), because of foreign Moslem invaders who have invaded the country and are intent on taking the country over.

It is sickening and a sign of the times we are in.

Those in power are just sitting back on their lazy weak backsides, being paid extremely large pay packets to lead our country, allowing this destruction to happen to our Judeo/Christian way of life and society just so they can keep things quiet on the Western front and keep their extremely large salaries. Things are not quiet on the Western front though. Maybe the next Islamic terror attack against the innocent people of Britain will force those who are employed to protect us, to act in the right manner, in defence of the British people and the Free World before it is too late for our children.

I have nothing more to say on the subject of the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton & Dunstable, everything is in black and white. The authorities know the truth to my words, those in power know the truth to my words, yet we the people on the ground are left at the mercy of the Al Qaeda led Pakistani Moslem wolves from Bury Park Luton.

Let us hope and pray that the situation changes before more lives are lost and destroyed by Moslem Heroin & Crack cocaine and our Christian community taken over by Islam.

In service of the King


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