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Luton & Dunstable 'Reality Check'

First posted 28/08/07

I travelled back into my home town recently and on the coach as I was approaching the town I was looking round at the world outside the window, and I was thinking to myself that maybe I was exaggerating the problem, that it wasn't as bad as I thought or that I was wrong about what I had been saying.

I know I am not wrong because I have lived and experienced life on the ground in and around Luton & Dunstable and know all of the facts concerning the Pakistani Moslem community that has built its Kingdom and is continuing its building, but when you see life going on as normal as it should it makes you take check about yourself and what you have been saying, does it all add up, does it all fit. In reality of course it does but this is the stuff hidden from sight of mainstream Britain, brushed under the carpet, out of sight and out of mind that it is easy to escape from or ignore if it is not immediately effecting you.

Its not my problem, I live in my false bubble of peace and security so I do not care about what is happening outside of my front door is peoples attitudes. Until one day that problem does knock on your front door then you have to face the harsh reality of life in the real world that others are already facing.

So as I travelled in I had these thoughts in the back of my mind and met with a friend and the very first thing was have you heard about *******, as soon as I heard those words I knew instantly what was coming next; he is dead from a drug overdose. This was a friend of mine who I had known for many years like most of the other people who are now effected by the local trade in Al Qaeda's Afghani Heroin.

This was the stark reminder that brought me back to reality and reaffirmed my reason for doing what I have been doing to counteract the Pakistani Moslem Jihad with street drugs against my community.

I then bumped into another friend who I know has been caught up himself within the world of Heroin addiction and spoke about the person who had died and he said you would not believe the amount of people who are now hooked on the drugs, and reeled of some names to me, he said that people are dropping like flies on the stuff.

Another confirmation to remove the doubt that had entered my mind.

I met up with another friend from school days who is himself caught up in that world now and he was telling me how bad the problem is and the type of habits with Heroin people now have and its is alarmingly shocking considering these are people I have grown up with in the Town, whose lives are now destroyed to the point that most will never ever get back from. These people are now the walking dead, living as Moslem slaves for their daily fix of Heroin.

People will say well its their own fault, and yes to a degree you are completely right but if these drugs were not being flooded into our streets on tap 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a Moslem community using them as a weapon of war against our innocent non-Moslem society then things would not be this bad.

There is now a generation out in the local community that I myself came from which is now completely destroyed by Heroin & Crack cocaine that is being pumped out into the community by Pakistani Moslems from within Fortress Bury Park as they seek to destroy the Infidels society and enforce their Islamic dominance upon us.

The younger generations are looking up to their brothers, sisters and friends of this older generation who are ravaged by Heroin & Crack cocaine as role models, so you have future generations who are walking in the same footsteps of those who have gone before them with the problem now getting much worse and growing considerably with the Pakistani Moslems increasing their vast wealth through their Class A drugs at the complete expense of innocent vulnerable people.

When are people going to wake up to this problem in our midst and start to do something about it?

What is the point in having local services that are ineffective and not willing to tackle this deadly destructive problem?

The law abiding tax paying citizen is paying extortionate taxes to uphold their British society and for what when it is being destroyed from within, with nobody tackling the most pressing issue ever to face the local community and society?

Silence is all I hear from everywhere except on the streets because those on the streets know and see exactly what is going on because that is where this is unfolding.

What if it is your Son or Daughter? Brother or Sister? Mother or Father? Grandson or Granddaughter? Would you be silent then? Of course you would not because your whole world would fall apart into the abyss of destruction and death at the hands of Lutons Al Qaeda inspired Pakistani Moslems who are fighting their religious Jihad against our country and local community.

How do you fund a civil war, or the internal destruction of a country?

You fund it with the proceeds from the black market economy, with street drugs being the most lucrative and destructive of them all - The Golden Sword of Jihad

The facts are the facts and the facts speak for themselves!

The police, the government and the security services have been defeated on the ground here in Luton & Dunstable with absolutely no control over what is happening on the streets to be able to stop the problem and protect British society.

My only question is; if it is this bad now with the problem growing daily then what is it going to be like in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

We are walking into the abyss of destruction and Islamic dominance.

The whole of the local community is petrified of the Pakistani Moslem community because everybody knows what they are like and how organised they are. They are a paramilitary force conducting a low level civil war against our society and they are in control through forced Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation.

I cannot see the situation ever getting any better now, it is time to jump ship as this place sinks over the next 5 - 10 years.

For all of those reading my blog in positions of authority within whatever sphere of life you are in, all I will say is that I have not spoken out and raised this issue for others to deal with. I have personally helped people get clean from Pakistani Moslem drugs, I have educated young children in schools to the dangers of street drugs, I have helped the police in their efforts to clamp down on Pakistani Moslem street dealers and for my efforts I never once received payment for any of it, I have lost absolutely every worldly possession to the point of having to beg and borrow to stay alive, I am completely homeless having to ask to sleep on peoples floors, I have spoken out through my blog to raise awareness of what is happening here in Luton the scene of Al Qaeda's declaration of War against Great Britain and I now have the Pakistani paramilitary army from within Fortress Bury Park wanting me dead for my efforts.

These are the sacrifices I have made to help my community as I stand before the Living God, what more can I say or do now? NOTHING

It is time to jump ship because I have no other options left considering I am completely homeless, completely penniless, completely alone with an organised wealthy Pakistani Moslem community wanting me dead.

I have done all I can do and am still standing but cannot stand anymore!

What would you do?

I do not say these things for sympathy, I say them because this is the reality of my personal world and the reality of the world in the community where I live in England that those in positions of power should know about because Islam is at war with this country and this is one area in which that war is unfolding on the streets, with me living here as I stand before the Living God not willing to bow down to Islamic dominance through fear and intimidation and allow my friends and the future of the local community be destroyed and taken over by Islamic dominance without doing or saying anything.

I am not a Dhimmi and will never be a Dhimmi, I am a child of the Living God, the Lord God of Israel and would rather die for that fact than roll over and live in fear of the devil in the embodiment of Islam and its Moslem followers.

My blog has been down for the past week because I am on the move going from place to place for a roof over my head so if there are people out there who want to help me and keep my blog up and running then there is a tip jar for you to donate and keep this blog and me afloat.

The help that has already been given to me and offered to me is extremely appreciated and has helped keep me afloat for this long - May God bless you and bring increase into your lives, those who have already helped me.

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Luton & Dunstable Reality check update

First posted: 03/09/07

I wrote the post: Luton & Dunstable - Reality Check last week as it was my first time back to where I live in a few months.

As entering the Town doubt entered my mind as to the severity and scale of the problem under the surface of British life. It shouldn't have considering I have lived around here for the past 31 years and know exactly what is happening on the streets in relation to the Pakistani Moslem community, but I suppose it is good to always doubt until you are proved right.

As I entered the community the very first bit of news I heard was about someone very well known locally dying due to years of drug addiction to Pakistani Moslem Heroin from Luton.

I stayed around for a week and within that week there was an armed robbery committed against a Ladbrokes betting shop, supposedly by two people I know who are both Heroin addicts.

Where I live Dunstable is only a small Town where most people know each other so this confirms the scale of the problem and I am sure that any long serving police officer would of seen the dramatic change in the nature of local crime since the influx of Pakistani Moslems from Luton and their Heroin.

No one can speak openly about the truth of the Pakistani Moslem invasion
though because they are classed as racists and Islamaphobic so we are forced to accept the destruction of our communities under the banner 'community cohesion'. I wonder where those who have forced 'community cohesion' upon us live and send their children to school because they definitely do not live around here.

I know that people will say that this is normal crime committed within Great Britain nowadays, and yes it is a common occurrence but what drives people to commit these types of violent crimes for 40 pound and then receive a 5 - 7 year prison sentence for it?

Heroin is the fuel that is fanning the flames of violent crime within Great Britain with 50% of all crimes now committed by drug addicts and 70% of prisoners in the prison system being drug addicts.

I personally know several people who have committed violent robberies for 'pocket change' for a hit of Heroin and then been caught and received a heavy prison sentence for it, and everyone else I know hooked on the stuff has a horror story about life on Heroin.

This is what our communities and future generations now face the length and breadth of Great Britain now that there are organised Pakistani communities throughout our Nation who are pumping their 'Elixir' of Jihad as a weapon of War out into our local communities, breaking down and destroying our Towns and Cities and killing large sections of our British youth because once you get on this stuff you do not get off it.

All this while the 'Al Qaeda' leaders in Afghanistan sit rubbing their hands together looking out over their poppy crop thinking about what devastation they are going to cause our infidel societies with it and the amount of money they are going to make in the process to fund further Jihad against us.

Our prisons are over flowing with drug crazed addicts, our society is forced to face the violence committed by Heroin addicts for their daily hit and the problem is just getting worse especially now we are waiting for the Afgahn's to harvest this years bumper crop.

It is pot luck now whether your son or daughter or brother or sister gets hooked on this stuff because our country is awash with it. It starts with a little bit of Cocaine, moves on to a little bit of Crack cocaine and then moves onto the Heroin - Then GAME OVER

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

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