Saturday, 15 September 2007

A personal message to Al Qaeda's Luton misfits

A Personal Message to Luton's British born Pakistani Moslem Paramilitary army

This Video is a warning about the Moslem Brotherhood project that was created for the implementation of Islamic Law and Islamic dominance across the globe.

This project is the foundation behind the modern global Jihad (Holy War) and the Islamification of the Western World.

The background song is my personal message to each and every one of you within Fortress Bury Park who have threatened my life and who are conducting Jhad against the innocence of my community on a daily basis in your civil war against us, your non-Moslem neighbours.

Matthew 22:14 “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

The Living God whom I serve knows each and everyone of you and He knew what was coming that is why He chose me, and I will not fail Him.

It has begun..

Deus Vult

Please click link to watch video:-
The Moslem brotherhood project

Templar Prayer
courtesy of Highlander

Prayer of the Knights.
O Lord, For Thy five wounds that we carry on our insignia we pray to Thee. Give us the strength to love All beings of the world That Thy Father has created and, more so, our enemies. Free our soul and heart from sin, from partiality, from egoism and from cowardice so that we can be worthy of Thy sacrifice. Let Thy Spirit fall upon us all, The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, so that it may render us as convinced and sincere ambassadors of Peace and Love among our brothers and, especially, among all those who do not believe in Thee. Give us Faith to face all the problems of everyday life and to deserve the day to approach Thy presence humbly but without fear.


In service of the King


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