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Declaration of War - Luton - The frontline

First published on 8th January 2007

Luton - The Frontline

The images of the July 7th suicide bombers entering Luton train station with their rucksacks full of explosives to board their train into London on the day of the bombings, are images that the British public will never forget. We saw these 'Islamic suicidal maniacs' entering the train station looking like any other group of young men off on their travels with their backpacks full of what seemed to be clothes. Little did anyone know until after the event, that these normal looking men of Asian and African appearance were about to cause mass carnage, the like never before seen on British soil.

The question on everyone's minds especially the British security services who where tasked at getting to the bottom of this terrorist attack, must be, WHY Luton? What was the significance and importance of these Islamic suicidal maniacs travelling to Luton to set out on their murderous missions?

Three of the bombers were from Leeds which is several hours North of Luton and the other was from Aylesbury which is a 30 - 40 minute drive cross country to the West of Luton, so none of them had any obvious reason to be in the town that day, but they were, so why?

It was the 'masterminds' behind the bombings on 7/7 that chose for the town to play an important central role in the chain of events that led to these, the first ever suicide attacks on British soil.

Those ultimately behind the bombings knew that the British Government and security services would look into absolutely every aspect of the chain of events that led up to the mass carnage in London that day so as to be able to build up a complete picture from start to finish of why and how these 'Islamic suicidal maniacs' were able to do what they did and hopefully catch those responsible for the planning and preparation of the attacks.

The bombings on 7/7 of the three London underground trains and a London bus killing 52 people and wounding over 700, were Al Qaeda's open declaration of War against Britain and the British non-Muslim populace. With these acts of terror and mass carnage, they spelled out in plain terms their stance towards Britain. Their stance now is clearly one of War against us, and the terrifying aspect of it is that they used British born Muslims in which to declare it. The leaders of Al Qaeda have been preaching Jihad (Holy War) against us for many years, calling for acts of terror and mass murder. 7/7 was the culmination of those threats and the start of open warfare against Britain by Islam and the Muslims. (There are approximately 2 million Muslims living in Britain)

The 'Islamic suicidal maniacs' of 7/7 spent time in Luton before setting off on their journeys and then drove to the train station and left their car in the station car park before boarding the train into London. When the car was discovered the next day, the boot was found to contain more live bombs. The questions here are, who did they spend time with in Luton? What where they doing there? and did they collect their bombs from a bomb-maker housed in Luton?

In 2004 the British security services broke up an Al Qaeda cell in Luton which was linked back to Al Qaeda in Pakistan. When the arrests were made, among other things on a laptop computer they seized, were plans to bomb London underground trains. After the arrests, one of the 7/7 bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan appeared on MI5's radar screen but no action was taken against him.

Luton is a well known hotbed of terrorist activity with many links to global terror. Omar Bakri who is the leader of one of Britains most radical extremist Islamic groups Al Majaroun set up his headquarters there with many young Muslim men following him and his virulent anti-Western, anti-Jewish hate speech along with his calls for Jihad, (Holy War) and the conversion of the host country into an Islamic state governed by Sharia law. He spent many years in Luton with it being one of his preaching and recruiting grounds for Jihad before he was eventually expelled (thank God) from Britain. Abu Hamza the hook handed extremist preacher who openly called for Jihad and the murder of infidels (non-Muslims) upon British streets and within Mosques in Britain also spent many years living in Luton and using it as a preaching and recruiting ground for Islam and Al Qaeda's Jihad until he was eventually arrested and prosecuted for his hate speech. He currently resides in Belmarsh Prison doing a 7 year sentence for his extremist preaching with America wanting to extradite him there once he finishes his sentence to face terror charges.

So here you have two of the most radical Islamist preachers within Britain both living and using Luton as a recruiting ground for their Jihad against the country and the Western world. You can only imagine the amount of young minds they have poisoned with their calls to Jihad and hate towards their non-Muslim neighbours. They openly view non-Muslims as second class citizens, Abu Hamza was caught on film saying it is permissible to take the non-Muslim as a slave and when you have finished with him, take him to the market and sell him, and if you cannot sell him, then you can kill him. These are the types of views these two men have been filling the minds of young Muslim men with, within Luton. (Please look at the links on the right hand side to read the views of Luton Muslims based on hearing these two preach)

Abu Hamza & Omar Bakri - in their own words.

I have lived in and around Luton my whole life so know exactly how bad the situation is on the ground with the Muslim community. The majority of the Muslims in Luton are second and third generation British born Pakistani's, exactly the same as three of the 7/7 suicidal maniacs. The Pakistani Muslims control the supply of hard drugs - heroin & crack cocaine. This is a highly lucrative business for them and also fits Al Qaeda's agenda of destroying Britain. Al Qaeda have outlined for the Muslims in Britain to use street drugs against us under the title 'chemical warfare'.

In Luton the Pakistani Muslims are working to Al Qaeda's strategy and it is destroying lives, destroying the community and making them vast amounts of money in the process. They have controlled the supply of Heroin for many years and in the process have created an army of Pakistani Muslim youths connected to the trade who are highly organised, heavily armed and extremely wealthy. The non-Muslim community lives with the knowledge of this army of Muslim criminal/terrorists surrounding them and leaves them living under their dominance through fear and intimidation. The non-Muslim community can say nothing and do nothing against the Pakistani Muslim community because of fear of the consequences. If you have trouble with one, then you potentially have trouble with a very large number. The different age groups are built up into different gangs who are all connected and who control the drugs trade, along with all other associated high profit crime, like prostitution and fraud. The criminal element of the Pakistani Muslim community conduct themselves as a paramilitary organisation which leaves the rest of the community having to live as 'Dhimmis' through fear.

Bin Laden controls 90% of the heroin on the streets of the UK and is using it as a weapon of war against the non-Muslim world in his global Jihad. The British Pakistanis are the ones who own the drugs trade in Luton and through this they are extremely wealthy and heavily armed. So, Al Qaeda in Britain have an army of Muslim youth in Luton who are pumping drugs out into the community, destroying lives, making vast sums of money in the process and they hold the rest of the community hostage through fear.

Is it any wonder that Al Qaeda allowed its suicidal maniac bombers to set of on their journey from Luton on 7/7 and tell the world, especially Britain that they are strong enough here in Luton to defend themselves. What consequences have happened to the Muslim community in Luton because of the actions of 7/7? Absolutely nothing. Have there been race riots in Luton like in Bradford, Birmingham and more recently Windsor? No there hasn't because the non-Muslim community live in fear surrounded by this army of Pakistani Muslim youth.

Luton is the frontline in Islam and Al Qaeda's war against Britain and is an example for every other Muslim community across the country. The Muslim community of Luton gave permission for the bombers to set out from here that day because they know how strong and how capable they are of protecting and defending themselves here.

We the non-Muslim community live as Dhimmis surrounded by an ever advancing Muslim community. The Muslims have their own community with its own rules and its own ways, they live separate and outside of the British way of life and there is nothing anyone is doing about the situation. I got up and tried and have now had to leave my country because of threats to my life. Islam means 'submission' and the community of Luton have succumbed to that.

When we ask: why Luton? The answer is simple, Omar Bakri, Abu Hamza and Al Qaeda have created an army of Muslim youth committed to Jihad within Luton and from that foundation the Muslim leaders are able to implement Islam unhindered through fear and intimidation. The rest of the non-Muslim community lives surrounded by this Islamic menace. The Muslim community of Luton are fulfilling Islam's aims of taking over and implementing Sharia law and no one is doing anything to stop this.

Luton played a central role in the terrorist attacks of 7/7 and continues to be a hotbed of terror to this day.

I challenge anyone who disagrees or who is interested in finding out the truth to travel to Luton and see with your own eyes.

CCTV footage of the 7/7 bombers at Luton station: CCTV Luton


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