Saturday, 15 September 2007

For Al Qaeda's Luton misfits

A Message to Fortress Bury Park & The Islamic Kingdom

For those from amongst you who do not know of me yet, the Living God of Israel who you despise because you have chosen the devils path, picked me up several years ago, brushed me down and set me on a new ‘enlightened’ path in life before Him “the Living God” so the words that I speak to you I speak on His authority as I stand before Him my Lord and my Saviour Jesus Christ. Everyone who knows me from within my community knows that I had a divine encounter with the Living God that changed my life and is my personal testimony to the truth about life and the eternal treasure that I now carry. How people’s minds rationalise what happened to me when they think towards me is their perception and view of life, one thing is certain though is that not one of them, or one of you, can deny that something happened, so keep this in your Moslem mind when you read my words because God knows your dark, evil thoughts and intentions.

You - devil worshipping Moslems within the Islamic Kingdom of Fortress Bury Park listen carefully to my words.

The spotlight has now well and truly been switched on towards you within Fortress Bury Park and your daily conduct of Jihad (Holy War) on the ground towards us and our innocent communities of Luton & Dunstable, with that glaring spotlight never to be switched off now until those from amongst you reject their path of War against us and our country and depart from our innocent Christian land. You the Khan mafia, Al Qaeda and every other Islamist from amongst your Islamic Kingdom are the ones who have started this civil problem on the ground here within our Christian homeland by openly declaring war on us and our Country for your Al Qaeda masters in their 21st Century global Jihad against the Western world on July 7th 2005. Al Qaeda members and supporters from within the confines of your modern Fortress, planned, supported and facilitated the murder of 52 innocent human beings and the wounding of over 700 in our Capital City London. You have been actively, daily conducting your Islamic inspired Jihad against us and our innocent British communities and British society for long enough now, and it is about time someone stood up and said enough is enough, and believe me that time has now well and truly arrived.

You the Khan mafia who are Allah’s Luton militia on the ground, are pumping your Al Qaeda controlled Heroin that comes direct from the Taliban owned poppy fields of Afghanistan, out into our communities and across our Nation poisoning British society, using this deadly destructive and lucrative commodity as a weapon of war in your Jihad against us, destroying many young lives, many families and causing mass social problems in the process. Not only are you causing devastation to our communities and our British way of life with your Al Qaeda Heroin, but you are making yourself vast sums of money for Al Qaeda’s ‘war chest’ in the process of killing our youth, which is then used to further your Jihad against us in other ways. It is about time that this unlimited supply of wealth and deadly destruction against us that is in the hands of Al Qaeda’s British born army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable was stamped out!

Not one British traitor who works with your paramilitary army of Moslem foot soldiers on the streets of Luton & Dunstable who are aiding and abetting you conducting your chemical warfare with street drugs against the innocent community is safe; each of you are traitors who threaten the National Security of our homeland. Please remember as a thought in your mind while you live your life and do what you do, that nothing escapes the gaze of the Living Gods sight.

Yes there are many of you who are inspired by Al Qaeda and Islam’s command to conduct Jihad against us the infidel who are living on the ground here in Luton & Dunstable and throughout our Nation who are well connected, well organised, heavily armed, extremely wealthy and with a delusional suicidal psychopathic mental illness that makes you willing devil worshipping blood sacrifices to die for your false god Allah in the pursuit of your Jihad against us the infidels of Great Britain and our Judeo/Christian way of life.

In my personal opinion as a law abiding Christian British citizen, I do not and will not accept the barbaric and savage murderous behaviour that has been aimed at me by those from amongst the ranks of your British born paramilitary army of foot soldiers from within Fortress Bury Park who have threatened my life, are destroying my friend’s lives, destroying the wider community and who threaten the very future of our once peaceful innocent Christian community.

I do not fear any of you and you do not intimidate me, you are the ones who should count yourselves lucky because you are safe from me “please do not forget this point”. This is my British ‘homeland’ not yours, my body flows with Anglo-Saxon blood that has survived here in Great Britain for millennia; we, and there are 10s of millions of us here along with our fellow Celtic brothers are the ultimate heirs and defenders of this special Island which is our homeland. We will never allow you to force Islam upon this land, suppressing and butchering our children in the process of your Jihad that is laid down in your book. There are laws in place here protecting you because this is a progressive and modern civilized Western Judeo/Christian society, not a savage third world Islamic society. Our laws are what prevent innocent people like me from taking the law into their own hands and defending themselves from the likes of you. The law is supposed to do the job for us and protect us, our families and our children from your evil. We know full well though, that you, within the Islamic Kingdom have no regard for our laws and our way of life, and is the reason why the situation is so dire on the ground here in Great Britain with law abiding innocent British citizens who are bound by their British laws being forced into a position of Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation, having to face the daily onslaught by you, the determined modern aggressive and murderous 21st Century Islamic paramilitary army that is living amongst us, feeding from us and conducting a murderous guerrilla war against us.

I would rather die a Christian man in defence of my Christian homeland than as a second class citizen - A Dhimmi (subservient to Islam).

By your continual warmongering and savage Islamic conduct towards the innocent people of Great Britain you have clearly shown that you have well and truly crossed the line of acceptable, tolerable behaviour in our civilized Western society. Look at the failed ‘Tiger Tiger’ car bombing and the failed Glasgow attack by your Al Qaeda brothers as a prime example of your continued high impact acts of murderous Islamic warmongering aggression against us and the innocence of our society.

Your Al Qaeda inspired Moslem youth and men come out against us in our communities upon our streets conducting Jihad, intimidating the weak, innocent and vulnerable in our society, pumping Al Qaeda’s Heroin throughout our land and strapping bombs to themselves to commit suicide in the process of breaking down our way of life and murdering innocent people as acts of war.

Those from amongst you terrorise the innocence of our society on a daily basis and then your Moslem leaders from within your Islamic Kingdom come out lying to the British people about your so-called peaceful religion Islam and it intentions in our land. You then hide behind our treasonous ‘Dhimmi’ politicians and appeasing leaders who create laws to protect you, even after those from amongst your Kingdom have murdered innocent British citizens from our families, our friends and our neighbours. There are 10s of millions of us living here upon this Island, do you really think that the politicians are going to be able to protect you once the legal political dam that has been built up to protect you and your Kingdom eventually bursts because of another Islamic inspired horrendous attack against our country and innocent British people? The built up anger and wrath of the British people will be unleashed against you and your communities because of what those from amongst your military wing have inflicted upon our innocent communities and a flood of British patriotic anger that nobody will be able to quench other than God Himself will drown you and your Islamic Kingdom.

Nobody wants this to happen because within our Judeo/Christian society we are civilized peaceful people, but people know that this is a very real reaction from the British people because of your path of war against us that needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about the future, so another thought in your Moslem mind must be; at what point will this happen, because it will, and what will you do when it does. You must start thinking these thoughts now just like we have to start thinking the thoughts of your military wing detonating dirty bombs and letting off chemical weapons upon our innocent streets.

Your forefathers were privileged enough to have been invited into our country as guests many years ago, to work and live peacefully side by side of us, the innocent heirs of this Great Nation our homeland. Little did our leaders realise of the blood thirsty Islamic beast that they were allowing into our midst. You their murderous ‘indoctrinated’ Moslem decedents in this generation have decided that now is the time for you to rise up for Islam and reject us your generous hosts, and our civilized Judeo/Christian way of life and embark on a murderous path of war and conquest against us, raising the Islamic banner of Jihad (Holy War) with the ultimate aims and intentions in your warped backward psychotic Moslem minds of destroying our British way of life, taking our country over and enforcing an Islamic way of life - Sharia Law – upon this Nation, its people and our innocent decedents who are sleeping at this moment in time innocently in their beds, unaware of what horror is unfolding around them.

I personally know your Islamic inspired intentions, many in my community now know of your intentions, many in the police know of your intentions, the security services know your intentions and the government know your intentions. This is ‘our’ civilized progressive Western Nation and our innocent non-Moslem communities. Do you think that on ever level we are just going to sit back and allow you to continue with your murderous Jihad against us, against our way of life, against our country and against our innocent children’s futures in your quest to conquer us and our homeland?

Come on, you are the ones who need to wake up and smell the coffee; we are the children of Sir Winston Churchill!

Taking our country over and dying for Allah is in your indoctrinated delusional belief system because your false prophet Mohamed laid it down in the manual (the Koran) of your death cult Islam when the devil birthed his lie into our world many centuries ago. There are many of us who are now rising up, who are well aware of you, your evil and your warmongering murderous Islamic aims and intentions aimed at us and our children. You and your Al Qaeda leaders are the ones who have forced us into the position we are now in, in which we clearly have only two choices to decide from; we either continue saying nothing and sit back, talking, watching and accept the eventual Islamification of our Nation and destruction of our children’s futures or we stand up and stamp out your Islamic inspired, Al Qaeda led Jihad against us, our British homeland and our children’s futures.

The choice is very simple and easy to make; we the British people live under the shadow of Almighty God, the Living God of Israel, and He will never allow you to succeed in your Jihad against us and our Christian homeland and has begun to raise up a modern Christian army of Godly Knights from amongst us with a mandate direct from heaven to stamp out your Al Qaeda inspired fire of Jihad that is now burning brightly across our land within the confines of your Islamic Kingdom. Your delusional leaders forget about the glorious history of our people and the legendry Christian Knights that arose from here many centuries ago during the times of the crusades whose exploits have reverberated gloriously throughout history to the present day. Your Islamic leaders have set each of you out on a frivolous suicidal war path that you cannot achieve or fulfil.

Listen clearly; “there is nowhere for you to escape either” you have committed horrendous murderous Islamic acts of war against us, you continually make murderous Islamic threats against us, and our children and you are now trapped on our Christian Island with no where for you to run except into your living Fortresses with 55 – 60 million innocent non-Moslem inhabitants surrounding you with Almighty God looking down upon you.

Not one of you from within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain who wants to live under the Sharia or who is seeking to live under the Sharia within our Country has any place here upon our land living in our civilized Judeo/Christian society anymore. That Islamic view and way of life, is in no way conducive to our peaceful civilized progressive British society and way of life, so if this is a thought that you have in your Moslem mind then the next thought must be; what Country shall I move too? Then make the steps that you need to make to leave our Country and civilized Western Judeo/Christian Nation and enter the ‘modern dark age’ in a foreign Islamic land somewhere else before it is too late for you here because you will never cover this land and our children with the darkness and oppression of Islam.

Each of you and your modern Islamic leaders are the ones who have set the living clock ticking, with the countdown now begun on your demise and the future destruction of your Islamic Kingdom, and ultimate removal from our Christian homeland. We gave you an inch because our leaders are civilized progressive Western people and you have demanded with threats of war, murder and carnage the whole mile because this is how Islam teaches you to conduct yourselves towards non-Moslems.

The real defence of our communities and homeland has only just started and the spirit of the Great British dragon slayer St George has awoken and is arising, sweeping throughout our land awakening the Christian army of British warriors who have been asleep to the truth and instilling within each of them the fire to sleigh you the modern dragon in our midst.

Be sure of one thing in your Moslem mind, this is the British peoples homeland with our free democratic Western way of life that has developed throughout the centuries and been protected throughout that time by the blood sweat toil and tears of our brave forefathers. Each and every person alive today, out there across Great Britain that knows of the threat that you pose in this generation to everything that we are, and all that we will be, will unite and stand together like we have done throughout our history when in times of war and peril.

Mark my words; it is ‘The Living God of Israel’ Himself who is the one positioning and aligning His people for the days that lay ahead, those that know me will testify to that fact, so you have already lost this modern Jihad in Great Britain before it has even truly started, just like your loses throughout history.

You have modern delusional murderous Islamic leaders who think that they can achieve their Islamic aims of global conquest through gullible Moslem sheep people like you who act as willing sacrifices walking to the slaughter house of Islam to shed your blood upon the alter of ‘murder’ for the devil and his death cult.

Reject the devils darkness and suppression of Islam before it is too late for you!

To each of you, the leaders of Al Qaeda’s Jihad within Great Britain who are reading my words, you can now clearly see the beginning of the response to your Jihad against the innocence within my homeland Great Britain and like I say, the response has only just begun!

In humble service and adoration of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the tribe of Judah.


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